Catch a Breath of Life

Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) was founded in 1968 in Los Angeles as the first Christian church to minister primarily to LGBTQ people.  There are now over 200 MCC churches in 29 countries.  MCCs throughout the world are embracing various ways to worship and study sacred words on line.  May I Introduce Breath of Life Spiritual Center, MCC Saginaw, MI, USA.  It is an emerging coast-to-coast ministry which gathers virtually on Sundays at 10:40 a.m. to listen, share, and rejoice in our connectedness to each other and to our Creator.  This Coast To Coast ministry welcomes all who wish to be connected to God in a unique and special way.  Presently there are no MCCs in Arkansas, but now you can gather with like-minded people virtually!  

If you are interested in connecting with us, please email the Assistant Pastor, Rev. Pat Farnan, at

The Breath of Life Spiritual Center MCC’s Vision is to Create a Safe Spiritual Sanctuary.  We Embrace Divine Sacred Words for learning, personal growth, and spiritual development, for all of The Creator’s People.  Breath of Life Spiritual Center MCC eagerly reaches out to all races, sexual orientations, religious, gender, and cultural identities. We Welcome the Inter-Faith Community with open arms and as friends.The Breath of Life Spiritual Center, MCC offers a Sacred Space for You to Openly and Genuinely Bring All of You.  Our Mission is to meet you where you are on your spiritual journey and encourage you to Love the Creator and yourself unconditionally.  We offer every opportunity for you to Know Jesus, The Messiah, and The Holy Spirit, Your Comforter, personally.  We Will, With Divine Guidance, copy, mimic, and embrace the Blueprint of Our Creator’s Love.