Letter to the Editor published in the Hot Springs Sentinel Record
July 5, 2020

We, the members of the Hot Springs LGBTQ+ Alliance and our allies, celebrated Gay Pride last month even though we were quite constrained by Covid-19. This year marks the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and the 50th anniversary of the first gay pride march in New York City. LGBTQ+ folks have come a long way in our struggle to be accepted as equal citizens of America and Arkansas. The Supreme Court, in a landmark decision, recently ruled, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, that LGBTQ+ individuals could not be fired from a job based on our orientation or gender identity. Did you know that we can still be denied housing or deprived of housing if we identify as LGBTQ+? It is time for everyone who is concerned about equality to join us and our allies in working toward true equality for all people.  If you would like more information about the Alliance, please visit us at, or our Facebook page, Hot Springs LGBT Alliance.  Working together we can make a brighter tomorrow!

Bob Haness, President, and the members of Hot Springs LGBTQ+ Alliance
Erin Holliday, City Director, Dist. 1
Becca Clark, City Director, Dict. 3
Dave Reagan, JP, Dist. 1
Dr. Cindy Rogers
Janice Jones and Clara Arnold
Baker and Justin Gold-Smith, Gold Inn
Tom Bynum and Monroe Cranford, Flowers and Home