The Board


President – Bob Haness

Vice President – Trevor Lewin

Secretary – Pat Farnan

Treasurer – Open

Social Director – Scot Key

Education Director – Open

Service Director – Sandy Haness

Outreach Director – Open

Duties and Responsibilities of Directors

Social Director
The Social Director shall be responsible for coordinating social events for the membership to be held on a regular basis.

Educational Director
The Educational Director shall research, initiate, and coordinate educational programs and opportunities of interest to the members of the Alliance.

Service Director
The Service Director shall be responsible for researching, initiating, and coordinating service activities for the membership. They shall be responsible for identifying issues in the community at large that affect or could potentially affect the members of our Alliance and for informing the membership of these issues. The Service Director shall make recommendations for action on the part of the Alliance. Such action must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Outreach Director
The Outreach Director shall be responsible for maintaining a listing of resources and services for members of the LGBT community available in Hot Springs and Garland County. They shall help build community and coalition support for the social, political, and educational aims of the HSLGBTA.